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1st Annual Company Picnic - Roch OTM Team

Bat woman and Robin - Lisa and Julie have run up the AMEX
Wayne the servant leader!
Dee & Abby - two peas in a pod
The pan of water...tricks of the trade
The Rochester OTM Team
They can put this bacon on their shoe and eat it and it will taste good
This is gonna taste good
The Rochester OTM Team
Lisa, Dee, & Abby - The three amigos
The calm before the storm
Getting it ready...
Rogelio, Lorenzo
Really Wayne...I'm a growing man.  I need more than 1 burger!
Michelle & John
Nita & Wayne
Jaqualine & Mykalah
Julie - Just having fruit
Lisa & Abby
Leo & Rick
Lisa, Dee, & Abby
Marilyn & Wayne
'I really know how to grill'
Healthy dishes
G Dunham & Wayne - Where it all started...
Gary & Andrew
Glenn, Elias, & Ben
O.k.  What's so funny?
Ben Brisbane - Lisa Oneal - Adam Banks
Ben already coming back for 2nd burger
Dee & Abby
Big Al
DPV Bat Woman & Robin
Al Sullivan
Round one down...
Time for deserts
Abby always aware of where the camera is
Adam just chilling
Please dont tell my wife I can clean
More fruit
G Dunham cleaning up
Must resist the bacon...fruit salad!
G Dunham's work is never done
So this is what retirement is...
Keep them straight Lisa
The Team
Lisa's work is never done
Gary & Wayne
Julie & Max
Jackie & Little Jackie (Mykalah)
Abby always knowing where camera is
Adam & Jim
Adam & Jim
Rob & Jimm
Rob & Jimm
The Team
The Team
Gary & Andrew
The Team
Leo & Rick
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