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The OTM Community Support fund has been established to give back, financially, to the various communities, in which OTM operates.  This fund is a pool of money provided from the positive net earnings/cash of our business operations.  As part of our annual financial planning/budgeting process, and by board approval, we allocate a percentage, up to 10%, of our annual net earnings to go towards this fund to be given back into the various communities for various good causes.

Any 501(c)(3) organization can solicit donations from this fund.  All that is required is a written request that includes:

  • Organization name & formal mailing address

  • Vision/mission/key objectives of organization

  • Verification of 501(c)(3) status/tax ID #

This information can be  mailed to:  OTM Community Support, 1280 Scottsville Rd., Suite 60, Rochester NY 14624.       On a first come first served basis, the OTM board will review requests and make decisions on funding.  Donations will be distributed in April, July, and November of each year.    Below are some of the organizations that we have supported:

  • Requested funding amount

  • Intended use of funding

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