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Management Team:                                       Wayne Coleman       John W. Bryant      Gary F. Dunham     

Gary F. Dunham

Vice President

Gary Dunham 4.jpg

Gary has 40 years experience in the underground utility business.  As a Vice President, he is involved in all aspects of the utility locating work. His background is in leak detection, utility locating, corrosion, and construction.  Gary’s variety of knowledge of the equipment in the utility field is widely ranged. It includes RF equipment (Rd-5000, Metro Tech, pipehorn, etc.), GPR, corrosion equipment, leak detection equipment, flame ionization units, gas methane indicators, etc.) During his time at RG&E, he was operator qualified at the National Gas Association for over 20 tasks. The qualifications range from gas leak surveys, underground utility locating, inspecting underground utilities, emergency conditions, repairing utilities, atmosphere pipeline corrosion, corrosion, State damage prevention regulations and inspecting high pressure gas mains. Gary has trained various employees in the utility field. He has received corrosion certification from West Virginia University.

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