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OTM IT Support Book

Search for solutions and quick fix for any IT support related issues before filling a ticket for assistance from IT admin.




Blue Screen.png

Blue Screen

Computer/Device Crash Screen

Problem: Your computer/device keeps crashing and/or has a completely blue screen with error messages.

Causes: Error in internal disk memory usually resulting from hard shock to device (e.g. falling of device).​


PC Not Powering On/Off

Computer/Device is not turning on/off even after several attempts

Problem: The system is unresponsive, does nothing when power button is pressed.

Causes: (Hardware) No power to the computer/device or the device is completely dead.

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Slow Computer

Not sure if your Computer/Device is running too slow or just frozen.

Problem: .The system is unresponsive, takes a while to start-up or load a page.

Causes: Running multiple programs and applications or several web pages and browsers at the same.


PC Keeps Acting Unstable

E.g. Device shuts down and back on continuously

Problem: The system is acting very unstable and wouldn't work as normal.

Causes: (Software) Operating System error, and is likely compromised or infected with virus.

wrong password.png

Can’t log in

Forget Password or Username.

Problem: The system does not recognize the username or password entered.

Causes: The username or/and password doesn't match what is in the system.


Can't Find Default Web Pages

Missing pre-loaded work tabs on web browsers

Problem: The pre-loaded tabs on Google Chrome or/and Internet Explorer (IE) don't show up.

Causes: Running multiple web browsers simultaneously or wrong program start up mode.

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