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Recent Streetlight Verification Projects
  • Town of Tonawanda

  • City of Albany

  • Town of Irondequoit (shown on the right)

  • City of Lockport

  • City of Rochester 

For all of the cities and towns above OTM has conducted subsurface utility designation (utility clearance and mark-out) to locate and mark hundreds and thousands of locations of the underground streetlights, direct buried or wire

inside a conduct, as well as the location/ run of the

power energy source. 


OTM captured precision GPS coordinates of the location of the cities or town’s underground streetlight lines, handholes and or manholes, light poles, streetlight risers (also known as a drop) off the poles and the location of the power energy source.  We provided our clients with .csv, .kmz, and/or shape files per their request.


Please call us at (585) 733-1748 for more information.

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