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We Offer a Range of Services to Meet Your Needs

Every year we are adding new services to our portfolio of services to meet all your utility management service needs.

811 One-Call Services

One-Call Locating is about well-trained Northeast Gas Association (NGA) Operator Qualified & well-equipped locators, proper staffing and management of staff, and robust processes & systems that translate to high quality, on-time, cost-effective utility locating with minimum to no mismarks or ticket delays!  On The Mark (OTM) provides this service to our clients, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  We serve utility companies, primarily in the New York State area.  

Our One-Call service includes program management, electronic ticket management, business and after hour dispatching, real-time access to 811 tickets, GIS and/or .pdf maps & utility information, accurate marking using color coded paint & flags, and routine auditing/on-going training of field staff.   

Please call us at (585) 733-1748 for more information.

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Private Utility Locating 

Private Locating is fundamentally different from One-Call Locating. This is mostly because accurate mapping of the underground utilities quite often doesn’t exist. In these scenarios, broad and diverse locating experience and mastery of multiple types of locating equipment and methods matters.  

This is OTM’s differentiation and value add.  We have vast experience and mastery of multiple types of locating equipment. We provide accurate and cost effective private utility locating services to protect your underground infrastructure from damages.  We service gas, electric, water, sewer, sanitary, telephone, cable/TV, fiber optics, etc.  within the New York State area.  We utilize both Radio Frequency (RF) and Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) technologies.

Please call us at (585) 733-1748 for more information.​

Utility Verification

Utility Verification is not simply locating utilities using EM and/or GPR technologies.  It is giving a client precise GPS (latitude & longitude) coordinates within +/- .01 meters (or .4 inches) precision along with depth (in meters or feet) readings of a utility of interest.  OTM employs state-of-the-art technologies to provide this information.  


The captured data can be provided in a multitude of output formats (e.g., .csv, excel, .kmz).  We can also go one step further and provide data in CAD or GIS map formats to be incorporated into your existing mapping systems, if required.  


We can also provide detailed technical reports of equipment used, specifications of equipment used, techniques employed, high resolution digital photos and videos of verification work and more.

Please call us at (585) 733-1748 for more information.​


Damage Prevention

This is a comprehensive suite of services targeted at Damage Prevention.  The primary services are One-Call Locating, Damage Prevention Vehicles, and Problem Locate Resolution. Additional services include Independent Auditing, Maintaining The Marks, and Damage Investigation. 

One-Call Locating is a foundational service in Damage Prevention. If the utility owner works in conjoint with 811 Dig Safely notifications and properly locates and marks all of their underground utilities prior to excavation, they have taken the first step to ensure no damages to their utilities.  

The second step is Damage Prevention Vehicles.  This program involves engaging, educating, and monitoring the work of primary and 3rd party contractors/excavators/home owners as they do their work. Yes, you start with locating and marking utilities but this alone doesn't ensure an excavator is and remains in compliance with NYS Code Rule 753.  It doesn't ensure that the excavator understands or follows the markings, hand exposes utilities inside the tolerance zone as appropriate.  For long excavation projects, it doesn't ensure that the excavator maintains the marks.  Hence, Damage Prevention Vehicles is another level of vigilance as it relates to damage prevention.

The third and strategic component of Damage Prevention Program is Problem Locate Resolution.  Problem locates by definition are high risk scenarios as there is uncertainty regarding the location of a underground utility.  Rather than simply locating and marking it for a given job, this program involves full investigation and more importantly resolution of the problem so that it no longer is a problem. For example, a problem locate resulting from a missing or broken tracer wire can be remediated by installing a new tracer wire. A problem locate resulting from an inaccurate map/

documentation can be resolved by properly locating, marking, verifying, and updating the map.  This services utilized over time can fundamentally improve a clients utility asset base (in the field).   

Please call us at (585) 733-1748 for more information.

Site Management

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Damage Prevention Vehicles

5 days per week, 8-10 hours per day, from January to December of each year, OTM deploys a staff of highly trained inspectors to tens of thousands of excavation work sites.  They inspect sites to ensure compliance with NYS Code Rule 753 regarding the protection of underground facilities.  Through an automated or manual ticket management system, we review all NYS stakeout ticket requests, select high risk tickets per criteria 

defined by you (e.g., utilities within 4 ft. of the excavation), visit sites where excavating is being conducted to inspect and ensure Code Rule compliance is being followed, and provide you with weekly & YTD reports including recommendations from our findings.  In addition, OTM will immediately notify you (while on site) if your utility is in danger of being damaged.  If your utility is hit/damaged, we will immediately dispatch an inspector to the site to take pictures, assess and document the incident that will subsequently be reported to you.

This program design was established by Avangrid (formerly known as Iberdola, parent company of both RG&E and NYSEG) in 2008 and is still being utilized today.  This program has been very successful in reducing their gas utility damages and PSC required damage ratio.  You can employ this same damage preventive program for your company and significantly reduce your underground asset damages, customer interruptions, and the associated costs of remediation.   As the well-known idiom goes ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’.  Restated for the utility asset management business, ‘a well-executed damage prevention program is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage costs’.

Independent Testing & Analysis

OTM can do all kinds of testing and analysis.  For example, last year we did a gas leak (walking) survey project and we did all of the fusion integrity testing and analysis of pipe that was pulled out of the ground.  We did all tests preparation, testing, and documenting of the results.

One key benefit of this work is that OTM is an independent company and can provide unbiased results.  Many companies allow their contractors to do testing and analysis but how do they know the results are accurate.  Well, if you subcontract this work to OTM, you can rest assured that it is.

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Problem Locate Resolution

A problem locate is a situation where a utility locator or locating contractor fails to locate subsurface utilities reliably prior to excavation, drilling, or boring.  This situation is caused by a multitude of reasons such as inaccurate/incomplete utility maps/records/

documentation or missing/broken tracer wire (on plastic lines).


Problem locates increase the risk of underground utility damages as the utilities are not located and marked.  Many companies address these situations by simply using different equipment, techniques, and methods to locate the subsurface utility.  They don't necessarily identify and remediate the root cause of the problem.  

OTM's Problem Locate Resolution does this very thing.  We fully investigate the problem using RF pipe and cable locators, specialized equipment that locates plastic lines without tracer wires, metal detectors, and ground-penetrating radar to designate existing subsurface utilities or to trace a particular utility system.  As needed, we also use minimally intrusive excavation methods, such as vacuum excavation, to expose selected subsurface utilities.

We not only locate and mark but we resolve the problem.  Resolution may involve the extension of or installation of a new tracer wire and/or 

updating our client's data management system records (e.g., SAP, GIS). This remediation improves the client's field asset base and associated maps/documentation to facilitate future locating and damage prevention.

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