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Utility Verification

Utility Verification is not simply locating utilities using EM and/or GPR technologies.  It is giving a client precise GPS (latitude & longitude) coordinates within +/- .01 meters (or .4 inches) precision along with depth (in meters or feet) readings of a utility of interest.  OTM employs state-of-the-art technologies to provide this information.  The captured data can be provided in a multitude of output formats (e.g., .csv, excel, .kmz).  We can also go one step further and provide data in CAD or GIS map formats to be incorporated into your existing mapping systems, if required.  We can also provide detailed technical reports of equipment used, specifications of equipment used, techniques employed, high resolution digital photos and videos of verification work and more.

Check out some streetlight verification programs we have done (Street Light Verification)

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