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Problem Locate Resolution

A problem locate is a situation where a utility locator or locating contractor fails to locate subsurface utilities reliably prior to excavation, drilling, or boring.  This situation is caused by a multitude of reasons such as inaccurate/incomplete utility maps/records/

documentation or missing/broken tracer wire (on plastic lines).


Problem locates increase the risk of underground utility damages as the utilities are not located and marked.  Many companies address these situations by simply using different equipment, techniques, and methods to locate the subsurface utility.  They don't necessarily identify and remediate the root cause of the problem.  

OTM's Problem Locate Resolution does this very thing.  We fully investigate the problem using RF pipe and cable locators, specialized equipment that locates plastic lines without tracer wires, metal detectors, and ground-penetrating radar to designate existing subsurface utilities or to trace a particular utility system.  As needed, we also use minimally intrusive excavation methods, such as vacuum excavation, to expose selected subsurface utilities.

We not only locate and mark but we resolve the problem.  Resolution may involve the extension of or installation of a new tracer wire and/or updating our client's data management system records (e.g., SAP, GIS). This remediation improves the client's field asset base and associated maps/documentation to facilitate future locating and damage prevention.

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