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Damage Prevention Program

This is a comprehensive suite of services targeted at Damage Prevention.  The primary services are One-Call LocatingDamage Prevention Vehicles, and Problem Locate Resolution. Additional services include Independent AuditingMaintaining The Marks, and Damage Investigation. 

One-Call Locating is a foundational service in Damage Prevention. If the utility owner works in conjoint with 811 Dig Safely notifications and properly locates and marks all of their underground utilities prior to excavation, they have taken the first step to ensure no damages to their utilities.  

The second step is Damage Prevention Vehicles.  This program involves engaging, educating, and monitoring the work of primary and 3rd party contractors/excavators/home owners as they do their work. Yes, you start with locating and marking utilities but this alone doesn't ensure an excavator is and remains in compliance with NYS Code Rule 753.  It doesn't ensure that the excavator understands or follows the markings, hand exposes utilities inside the tolerance zone as appropriate.  For long excavation projects, it doesn't ensure that the excavator maintains the marks.  Hence, Damage Prevention Vehicles is another level of vigilance as it relates to damage prevention.

The third and strategic component of Damage Prevention Program is Problem Locate Resolution.  Problem locates by definition are high risk scenarios as there is uncertainty regarding the location of a underground utility.  Rather than simply locating and marking it for a given job, this program involves full investigation and more importantly resolution of the problem so that it no longer is a problem. For example, a problem locate resulting from a missing or broken tracer wire can be remediated by installing a new tracer wire. A problem locate resulting from an inaccurate map/ documentation can be resolved by properly locating, marking, verifying, and updating the map.  This services utilized over time can fundamentally improve a clients utility asset base (in the field).

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