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Wayne Coleman

President/Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Wayne has over 35 years of experience in utility management services.  Along with three other colleagues, he started On The Mark (OTM) Utility Management Services, Inc. in 2011.  After 39 years with Rochester Gas & Electric (RG&E), he retired in 2015 and has since poured his passion into building the OTM business and its Brand of quality, responsiveness, and price competitiveness.  During his last 8 years at RG&E, he served as a One-Call Gas Operations Locating and Gas Leak Supervisor.   He managed a large team of utility workers that covered the entire RG&E franchise including the City of Rochester, New York.  Wayne was also responsible for completing the annual Gas Leak Survey as well as supervising the Damage Prevention Vehicle DPV program for RG&E. Wayne's leadership and vision has grown OTM to a staff of over 80 employees over the past 5 years.  OTM is growing at a fast pace, over 50% year-over-year, and expanding its services throughout New York State.  As in 2019, OTM has been named in both 2022 & 2021, one of the top 100 fastest growing companies in Rochester.


Wayne has completed training and received certificates for “Pipeline Emergency Response and Damage Prevention” as well as receiving (2) Dig Safely NY  Council Awards.  Wayne is also an expert on UDIG NY 811 as well as NYS Code Rule 753.  He has served on the NYS Utility Coordinating Committee (UCC) for the past 20+ years and has been and currently the UCC Treasurer for most of these years. 

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